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Prioritized labels

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Other labels

  • This should be dealt with ASAP. Not fixing this issue would be a serious error.
  • After critical issues are fixed, these should be dealt with before any further issues.
  • This issue can probably be picked up by anyone looking to contribute to the project, as an entry fix.
  • This issue may be useful, and needs some attention.
  • It's believed that this issue is no longer important to the requestor and no one else has shown an interest in it.
  • It's clear what the subject of the issue is about, and what the resolution should be.
  • No one has claimed responsibility for resolving this issue. Generally this will be applied to bugs and enhancement issues, but may be applied to others.
  • There is another issue that needs to be resolved first, or a specific person is required to comment or reply to progress. There may also be some external blocker.
  • Nothing further to be done with this issue. Awaiting to be closed by the requestor out of politeness, or can be closed by a project member.
  • This issue is being worked on, and has someone assigned.
  • Similar to blocked, but is assigned to someone. May also be assigned to someone because of their experience, but it's recognised they are unable to process the issue at this time.
  • Please provide details on how to reproduce the bug.
  • The issue has a PR attached to it which needs to be reviewed. Should receive review by others in the community, and at least one member / comitter. Specifics on when merging PRs is allowed is still up for debate.
  • At least two people have seen issues in the PR that makes them uneasy. Submitter of PR needs to revise the PR related to the issue.
  • Type: Bug
    Inconsistencies or issues which will cause an issue or problem for users or implementors.
  • An issue with the same problem or discussion already exists.
  • Most issues will probably ask for additions or changes. It's expected that this type of issue will result in a Pull Request.